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  • StarTime Swahili Channel 450

    StarTime Swahili Channel 450

    Swahili language programming focusing on general entertainment, such as movies and drama, music, comedy, celebrities’ life, events, arts and drawings, wedding tradition in Swahili culture, and documentary.

  • Fringe Season 3

    Fringe Season 3

    A war between the prime and parallel universes continues

  •  The Cleveland Show Season 3

    The Cleveland Show Season 3

    The series is a spin-off of Family Guy, which was created by executive producer Seth MacFarlane.

  • Phoenix Starsat HD decoder Special

    Phoenix Starsat HD decoder Special

    CEC launch - special offer in Phoenix

  • Chatsworth CEC Launching

    Chatsworth CEC Launching

    CEC launch and special offer in Chatsworth

  • Psych Season 2

    Psych Season 2

    This season allows the duo to dig deeper into their pop-culture past.

  • American Greed

    American Greed

    The scams, the schemes, the broken dreams, some people will do anything for money.

  • Color Splash Season 11

    Color Splash Season 11

    American designer and television personality, David Bromstad, and his Miami team, demonstrate how to change tired rooms into dramatic unforgetable spaces and achieve great effect with minimum effort.

  • Selling L.A. Season 3

    Selling L.A. Season 3

    From Beverly Hills, to the Sunset Strip… Los Angeles is a place where the rich and famous live large, and everyone has a dream.

  • Falling Skies season 4

    Falling Skies season 4

    Watch the nightmare as it unfolds for the humans

  • Bones Season 6

    Bones Season 6

    A forensic anthropologist and a cocky FBI agent build a team to investigate death causes.

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Our Channel numbers have changed
Sep 12, 2014

Our Channel numbers are changing on the 22nd of September

Jun 4, 2014

StarSat is pleased to announce that it has added Fox Movies to the StarSat platform.