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  • Because of its writing, the telenovela, modern prototype of Cinderella story allows the television to play its dual role of mirror and window better than any program:
    • A mirror in which the viewers will identify themselves.
    • A Window through the dream that is offered, viewers can
      find an escape from everyday life.
  • African and Brazilian societies, already highly similar, also share a young democracy and have both crossed recent social-political or economic crises. This means that the dream and aspiration for a better future are common to those two societies.
  • Therefore, following the lead of American soaps operas (Dynasty, Dallas, Santa Barbara) who already established strong viewing habits, telenovelas have created a social phenomenon in Africa, the same way they had first created it in Brazil and throughout Latin America.
  • This is how tenderly, recalling the memory of our parents, every night telling us a chapter of a story, but only a chapter, griots of modern times, the Telenovela has imposed itself in our daily lives. And this is how Telenovelas became inevitable in our audiovisual landscape.

Channel: 620

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