Stiletto Vendetta

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Stiletto Vendetta

Oya left her childhood home almost 20 years ago on very bad terms: Her three best friends at the time thought it would be very funny to pull a prank on her that would ruin her reputation, and so it did.

The prank caused her so much embarrassment that for all that time she never returned to her home-town, leaving all of the people she knew behind. Bun now she’s back with a vengeance.

It wasn’t long after her arrival when she and her ex-best-friends ran into each other. Now the four women live together in the same town and have to coexist in a town that isn’t big enough for them all. As they reconnect it becomes clear that, though perfect on the surface, these four women harbour a lot of ill will for each other. Jealously, grudges, secrets and spite lie just beneath the surface and none of these women will back down. This is a power struggle for the ages.

Mondays at 7:50 PM on TDC (ch 141)