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Decoder Swap

I am trying to swap my old TopTV decoder, but I am battling to get through to the call centre?

We are currently experiencing high call volumes due to the SD/HD decoder swap project as well as new customer registration stemming from a successful sports season sales campaign. We apologise to any customer who struggled to contact us via telephone.  In our quest to enhance communication efficiency toward improved customer-care, please inbox us via our Facebook page

What has StarSat done to ensure that the decoder swap process runs smoothly?

Customer-care and support measures include:

  • increasing HR capacity to call-centre team,
  • improving stock volumes at retail outlets
  • ensuring that a dedicated standby installation team
I have done the swap but now some of my favourite channels have disappeared. Why?

All HD StarSat Super bouquet subscribers have access to all premium channels; however it is important that customers reboot/rescan (press F4) on their new HD decoders after the swap.

I still have the old TopTV black decoder. How do I swap to the new white HD decoder?

Avoid disconnection; pay R99 to swap order valtrex 1000mg your TopTV decoder for a new HD decoder at House & Home and OK Furniture. Another alternative, bring your Top TV card to your nearest customer experience centre (CEC) to receive your new HD decoder.

I am a StarSat subscriber using the black decoder and I am unable to watch any channels. My decoder has no signal?

This decoder model is outdated and no longer valid. Please visit your nearest House & Home or OK Furniture, pay R99 to swap your TopTV black decoder for a new HD decoder.

Where is my new HD decoder, I have been waiting for weeks for it to arrive?

We are aware of the delay and have addressed these concerns with the courier company. We have developed a contingency plan to expedite this process. Your new HD decoder is on its way.

General Queries

Why does StarSat carry so much Nigerian content, when are we going to see more content that is relevant to us?

Our content team vigorously strives to secure a diverse catalogue of content that appeals to our many subscribers within South Africa as well as the rest of Africa.

Some of my favourite channels are no longer on StarSat, what happened to the likes of BET, Star Plus and NBA etc?

StarSat’s contract with the above content suppliers came to an end and the supplier decided not to renew the channel licensing agreement. However, we are committed to securing new content to replace these channels.

What happened to Glow TV?

As from 30 June 2016, the entertainment channel Glow TV will no longer be available on StarSat or any other media platforms.The decision to close the channel was made by the producers of the channel, Kagiso Media and Urban Brew, due to the prohibitive rise in programming costs, the falling rand and general economic climate.

The movies on StarSat are old, when are we getting some of the latest releases?

Our content team is in the process of acquiring more recent movie releases.

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