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A Perfect Lie

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Revenge Delivered Through Love

The lengths that a woman scorned would go to for revenge know no bounds. Durga Thakur is a very attractive young lady who comes from a wealthy family. Her beauty and style quickly catch the attention of Shaurya Goenka, a very handsome rich kid. He asks her out and they start dating. A match made in heaven this is not though, for there are many snakes in the grass.

To begin with, Shaurya’s pursuit of Durga isn’t genuine, for his friends bet him that he would not be able to have Durga fall in love with him, a bet he readily accepted. Shaurya isn’t the only one keeping a secret though, for Durga’s motivations aren’t driven by love or companionship but by a need for revenge.

Revenge won’t be easy though, for the Goenkas aren’t the type of family you can mess with and walk away unscathed. Sakshi and Rajnath, Shaurya’s parents, have done pretty terrible things in the past to protect their precious son, and won’t for a moment hesitate to do so again. No one who’s gone after the Goenkas has won, and if the Goenkas have their way no one ever will.

This is a story of mystery, manipulation, intrigue, danger and deceit that will have you on the edge of your seat.

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