A Week to Beat the World

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A Week to Beat the World

List a few sports in your head. You will probably go for the sports we all recognize, like rugby, boxing, and gymnastics.

But what if I told you there were hundreds of sports out there which you may not have known existed? Like Lion Dancing, Pitz, and Capoeira?

InĀ A Week to Beat the World, we take child star athletes from their Western homes to experience unique, local sports, from Japan and Mongolia to Brazil and Guatemala. Their mission: they have a week to learn and practice one of the country’s unique sports and compete against the locals on the last day.

The kids also get to experience the cultures and customs of the people who play them. Adventure awaits. Perhaps we can inspire your kids to try out new things and maybe even invent a sport of their own?

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From Monday, 19 July

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse