Agent Bavo on StarSat on ST Swahili

Agent Bavo

This is an action flick first and foremost. It’s a Swahili film so if you don’t know the language you won’t be able to follow the story.

Speaking of story, Bavo is a security agent who works for the government. He wears a suit and loves adjusting it all the time. In this story, Bavo was tasked with protecting a woman who was on the run from her husband but ultimately failed in keeping her safe. With his guilt-ridden conscience, he’s on the hunt for her killers. He becomes even more motivated when he discovers that her killers were part of an organisation which was the cause behind his parent’s deaths.

The shots in this film are very inconsistent but the fights are pretty entertaining. A good sense of humour will help you get the most out of this film.

08 December | Saturday | 20:40 | ST Swahili | ch 400