Alaska Animal Rescue (S2)

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Alaska Animal Rescue (S2)

Alaska is known as America’s Last Frontier, not only because it’s so remote but because it’s so rugged and wild. Most of the state consists of government-owned parks. People come into contact with wild animals very frequently.

Luckily for both the animals and the humans, animal rescuers are always on duty. Their job is to do what’s best for the animals who need their help.

Some animals hurt themselves, so these conservationists catch them, treat their injuries, and release them back into the wild. Some get abandoned by their mother, so they get raised in captivity. These are kept as mascots to promote the survival of their species. Throughout the whole process, they try to keep the animals as happy and unstressed as possible. Studying nature gives them hints into how to achieve that.

Not all stories have a happy ending. Sometimes the best thing they can do for animals is ending their pain.

In Alaska Animal Rescue, we follow these heroes as they tend to the animals in their care. They’ll travel anywhere and even risk their own lives if it means getting the job done. They hope that their work will inspire preservation so that indifferent people will stand up and protect habitats from destruction.

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Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse