Alaska Animal Rescue

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Alaska is one of the most extreme American states for a couple of reasons. Watch any show that takes place in Alaska and the first thing you’ll notice is the weather. During the harsh winter months, the oceanic southeast of Alaska is the only region in which the average temperature is above freezing. Alaska is a cold place, plain and simple. The hottest locations in Alaska during the summer-time is also the coldest during winter: Fort Yukon averages a minimum of 10 °C and a maximum of 23°C in the hottest months and plummets to a disturbing -33°C minimum and a not much better -23°C maximum during the coldest.

Another interesting tit-bit about Alaska is, despite being the largest of the US states, it has the 3rd least people and is the most sparsely populated. Given the weather, that’s not surprising. What is surprising though is that they are the most populous territory above the 60th parallel: four times that of all the other territories combined. They also earn the most per capita of any other American state due to their diverse economy rich in trades of fish, natural gas and oil.

Given that Alaska is such a large place, there are a great deal many national parks, forests and wildlife refuges. More than half the state is federally owned and tourism makes up a big chunk of Alaska’s economy. Alaska Animal Rescue follows three renowned conservation centres in Alaska in their efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, research and celebrate the local wildlife. Whether by land, sea or air, they will go and do whatever is needed to save those creatures in need. It’s a rollercoaster experience of love, danger, anger and sadness.

Mondays at 18:00 on NatGeo Wild (ch 221) from 20 April 2020