Alaskan Women Looking for Love on Real Time on StarSat

Alaskan Women Looking for Love

Alaska isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you! If you love winter you’ll love it here, with an average temperature of around 3°C you can freeze your delightful little tows off from January to December. Love building snowmen? You can do it the whole year round, even in the dog days of summer! Love water but hate swimming? In Alaska, if you’re not wet then you’re indoors and thanks to hyperthermia no one will pressure you into taking a dip in the local lake.

With those sorts of conditions, you can imagine the sort of men who call this place home. Tough and burly with a love of guns, boats and pubs, these men are great at hunting deer and fishing, but not so good at romance.

Some Alaskan women have grown tired of the cold life and are looking for better weather and men that smell a little less of fish. Six natives pack a travel bag and head four and a half thousand kilometres away to the sun-drenched city of Miami in search of love.

Dates with strangers are normally awkward under the best of circumstances, but because these women are so out of their comfort zones the ensuing cringe is epic. The look on a woman’s face when a man takes her to the spa because he needs a manicure is priceless. Then there’s the man whose first trip to the great outdoors turns him into a whiny child and all you can do is avert your eyes in shame.

This is a very fun show if you don’t take it seriously.

From 7 May | Tuesdays | 21:00 | Real Time | Ch 162