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Amanda to the Rescue

At first sight, Amana Giese wouldn’t look out of place in a pop-rock band, with her shaved head, tattoo-covered body and eloquent speech. Get to know her a little and you quickly notice her love for animals, especially disabled dogs (or “differently abled” as she likes to call them). She’s been taking in rescue animals since she was in primary school and she hasn’t stopped since.

Amanda to the Rescue follows her as she goes around finding dogs of all types and ages who need to be taken care of and takes them to her home for rehabilitation and adoption. She describes what the animals went through before they landed in her lap and we get to experience the recovery process and eventual placement with their happy new owners.

The first part of the recovery process is introducing the newcomers to the dogs of the house, each with their own challenges and talents. Garnet’s job is to support post-operative dogs and Bullfrog’s job is to look after very young pups. Being surrounded by other dogs allows shy rescues to start trusting Amanda far quicker than they would have otherwise.

Being able to experience the recovery of these animals is heart-warming, to say the least. If you get attached to animals as quickly as Amanda does you’ll be just as inclined as she is to shed a tear of joy when she hands them over to live out the rest of their lives in happy homes.

28 April | Sunday | 21:00 | Real Time | Ch 162