Amazing Animal Friends

Amazing Animal Friends on Love Nature on StarSat - reduced

I bet you have a friend or two who’s a little peculiar. Someone who draws attention because of how odd they dress or act. That person who other people wonder how you ever became friends with them.

Some animals also manage to make rather peculiar friends. You’ve seen dogs and cats getting along even though it makes you scratch your head, but this series looks to even more fascinating animal friendships out there.

In South Africa, there’s an orphaned rhino calf who became friends with a dog and the sheep it herds.  In France, there’s a dog whose best friend is a duck. In Zimbabwe, there’s an elephant who, for some reason or other, thinks she’s a buffalo and hangs out with the herd.

If seeing funny animals doing odd things makes you happy then you’ll find this show to be truly heart-warming. Not only that, but this show is rather interesting as well, for they explore why these curious connections happen and what drives these sorts of ridiculous relationships.

Sundays at 6:30 PM on Love Nature (ch 224, from June 28th)