American Idol (S1) on ST Series E1 on StarSat

American Idol (S1)

A panel of judges who sit and critique performers who later get voted on for the win is an old premise that has been around for multiple decades. There was one series however which made the format famous and changed the world of televised competition forever.

Since its inception from the mind of Simon Fullor in 2002, American Idol has changed American television forever. Described as the most impactful show in the history of television and seen as unparalleled in broadcasting history this show not only got killer ratings but produced a string of pop idols and 345 Billboard chart-toppers.

Experience where it all started, in season one, as Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell host their first auditions to produce a record-breaking star.

From 12 May | Weekends | 20:30 | ST Series E1 | Ch 125