America’s Funniest Home Videos

Killing Eve on FOX on StarSat v1p3

Everyone enjoys a laugh. With the Internet becoming ever more accessible a funny video is just a tap and search away. Unfortunately, just like with all things available in abundance, it’s difficult to find the really good ones in the bunch. Even the “Trending” tab on YouTube doesn’t always do a bang-up job separating comedy gold from cheap gimmicks.

America’s Funniest Home Videos does the job for you. For every episode, they sift through the mass of funny videos submitted to the show and pick out the very best for your enjoyment. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

From unintentional physical comedy to pets and children acting up and even a few staged pranks, you’ll be laughing your socks off at the antics of those silly Americans.

Mondays to Fridays at 17:25 on FOX (ch 131) from 20 April