Argentina Land of Passion and Revenge

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Argentina Land of Passion and Revenge

Press Release

With the turn of the New Year, a new Argentine telenovela will grace viewer’s screens. Argentina, Land of Passion and Revenge can be seen on ST Novela E Plus (channel 128) every day at 9:30 PM.

The drama portrays life as it was in the 1930s, giving viewers a taste of Argentinian life in those times.

Torcuato Ferreyra is a veteran of the Spanish Civil War who amasses a great fortune after leaving his best friend Bruno Salvat to die.

Bruno, however, survived Torcuato’s gunshot wound. He sought refuge in a Buenos Aires conventillo (overcrowded urban tenements built to house poor immigrants). At the end of the 1930s, Bruno goes to Argentina to enact his revenge against Torcuato. He also wishes to save his sister, now trapped in a brothel.

While plotting his revenge, Bruno falls in love with Torcuato’s fiancé, Lucía. Lucía is a beautiful, intelligent woman who only agreed to marry Torcuato to save her father’s life. Her father has tuberculosis, and her family cannot afford his medication unless she marries a rich man.

Meanwhile, Aldo, a good-hearted hustler, has made it his mission to free a Polish woman named Raquel from a brothel. The same brothel where Bruno’s sister, Julia, is trapped.

“ST Novela E is dedicated to broadcasting the best dramas from around the world. Despite the cultural differences of Argentinians compared to South Africans, we believe that our viewers will find value in the human stories portrayed. Argentina, Land of Passion and Revenge is an ambitious story and a welcome addition to our line-up of shows in 2021,” said John Yan, CEO of StarSat.

Daily at 9:30 PM on ST Novela E Plus (ch 128)

Author: Jenny Griesel (Jenny Griesel Communications)