Ashes of Love

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Why is it that every time a curse or prophecy is declared that will negatively impact a girl, her parents think removing the trigger will prevent the problem? With Princess Aurora (sleeping beauty) her father banished all spinning wheels in the kingdom so that one cannot poke her and send her into a deep slumber as the curse foretold.

In the case of Jin Mi, her mother the Flower Deity saw a prophecy that her daughter will suffer a great love-trial in the first thousand years of her life, so she decided to give her daughter a magic pill that prevents her from feeling the very emotion of love at all. Problem solved, right?

Unfortunately, Jin Mi’s birth was a difficult one, and the Flower Deity passed away in childbirth, leaving her daughter with no sense of love and no way to know why. This is her story.

Mondays to Fridays at 8:20 on ST Kung Fu (ch 155, from June 29th)