Asintado on ST Novela E Plus on StarSat


Who doesn’t love a good revenge plot? Asintado looks to be just such a story. It all started going wrong for our protagonist Juliana when she was still a kid. She lost both her parents to a devastating fire and she was adopted by a family who lived hundreds of kilometres away from her hometown. One day she met a charming young man by the name of Geal, and the two fell in love. A new problem reared its head, as it tends to do with charming young men, in the form of a crazy ex-girlfriend. Most crazy ex-girlfriends are very annoying and go to great lengths to split up their ex-lover’s new relationship. Usually, a restraining order is enough to take care of the problem and the new couple can go on with their lives in peace and the ex can wither away in a cold dark corner somewhere feeling sorry for themselves.

This ex-girlfriend, however, one Samantha Del Mundo, wasn’t content playing the role of temporary annoyance, and decided a more permanent solution was in order: murder. Juliana survived the attempt at her life and a woman scored she had become. Vowing revenge (and who could blame her) she goes about plotting Samantha’s demise. I wonder what’s going to happen when they find out that they’re actually biological sisters…

From 4 April | Friday – Sunday | 19:50 | ST Novela E Plus | Ch 128