Banged Up Abroad Compilations

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Banged Up Abroad Compilations

Decisions are tricky things because their consequences are unpredictable. Decisions that seemed minor at the time can change your life forever. The people featured in Banged Up Abroad have learned that lesson the hard way.

Most are people who, for an easy buck, thought they could outwit airport security and smuggle drugs into a country. Others realized far too late that the package they were delivering for a friend contained contraband. A few didn’t do their homework and got captured for something that, back home, is accepted and legal. They all had to serve time in prison on foreign soil, places where prisoners are sub-human, undeserving of rights, some for the rest of their lives.

They share the stories of how they ended up in their situations or how they coped with life behind bars. There are stories of triumph, where some made the best of their circumstances and came out wealthier and more powerful. But most are stories of tragedy, where arrogance and ignorance within an unsympathetic land cost them their futures, and in some cases their lives.

After thirteen seasons and over a hundred episodes Banged Up Abroad has been going strong since 2006. Banged Up Abroad Compilations brings you the best stories packed together in neat themes for your viewing pleasure.

Mondays at 9 PM on National Geographic (ch 220) from 21 September