Batman Unlimited: Animal Instinct

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Batman Unlimited: Animal Instinct

We are many years into the future. Gotham’s old Gothic Revival architecture has been replaced with a forest of skyscrapers decorated in digital signage and bathed in light. Tim Drake has become Red Robin, Dick Grayson has become Nightwing, and Alfred is somehow still alive. Batman, too, has been through a few changes and sports a high-tech suit complete with a built-in glider that keeps him aloft for far longer distances.

The aesthetics of the city might have changed but Gotham is still a hotbed of crime. The police may be well equipped to deal with average criminals thanks to their flying cars and powerful laser weapons but the city still needs the Bat to protect it from more profound dangers.

Speaking of which, on a routine patrol Batman spots S.T.A.R. Labs security officers down for the count. Something managed to disable their mechanical suits with ease and Batman swoops down to investigate. The culprit is soon identified: a robot wolf trying to steal an important-looking thingamajig. After a quick scan of Batman, the 4-legged robot decides to flee the scene. Clever canine. Batman gives chase but the mechanic beast escapes after toppling a truck that almost flattens our hero.

In a different part of the city, Nightwing is out on patrol and sees a feline femme fatale breaking into the roof of a jewellery store and goes after her. To his surprise, the cat-burglar isn’t Catwoman as he suspected, but the super speedy Cheetah. After trading a few lame puns they start trading punches and just when it seemed that Nightwing would come out on top Killer Croc bursts through the floor and changes the tide of battle. Nightwing soon finds himself face-first on the floor with the bad-guys escaping.

Until out of nowhere, The Flash appears to save the day, much to Nightwing’s chagrin. Unfortunately, the two heroes aren’t that used to working together, and after one stumble too many Cheetah and Killer Croc escape with their loot.

Back at the Batcave Batman finds it strange that these anti-social sociopaths are working together for some reasons. Who could be pulling their strings? The clues point towards the new Arial building, Gotham’s newest and tallest skyscraper, built by Ozwald Cobblepot. Luckily (or unfortunately), Bruce Wayne has an invite to the building’s grand opening, giving him the opportunity to find some answers to his questions.

This is an action-packed adventure featuring Gotham’s finest knights and a few friends from the Justice League to boot. Watch them trying to get to the bottom of Gotham’s newest crime spree in the hopes of saving the city against whatever evil awaits it.

Saturday, 19 September, at 8:30 AM on Toonami (ch 306)