Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem

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Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem

Solomon Grundy an ugly reject. Of course, being a corpse, what would you expect? Whenever he roams the streets, what shortly follows are terrified shrieks. There is a time of year when his grey face and ash-white hair, do not arouse the same old scare. Halloween is here, and there are monsters all about, Solomon Grundy loves that he can finally go out.

Silver Banshee joins him, and soon they make trouble, joyriding a stolen car while her voice turns the streets to rubble.

Nightwing catches sight and would pursue, but Green Arrow appears saying he was just passing through. Batman and Red Robin are close at their heels, and a car-chase ensues with screeching of wheels.

Green Arrow and Nightwing would have no doubt captured these weirdoes, if not for Silver Banshee collapsing a tunnel, and scarecrow knocking out our heroes.

The bad guys disappear to fulfil their new job: the clown prince of crime has formed a new mob. With a new trick up his sleeve, Gotham will go down, that’s the plan, and the only people who can stop them are our heroes and the Batman.

Premiere at 08:30 AM on Toonami (ch 360) from Saturday, 12 December