Beast Within

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Beast Within

Each person is flawed: Some physical, like sinus in spring, and some spiritual, like a short temper. For most people, their particular set of flaws are just minor annoyances.

The flaws of our main character, however, have changed his life forever. Physically, he’s blind in both eyes. Spiritually, he feels a lot of resentment for his lot in life, but he also has a lot of pride. On the surface, he seems well-adapted and friendly, but behind closed doors, he is angry and bitter.

Even a bitter blind man can find love, however. There is some good in his heart, and a kind-hearted woman saw it and fell in love.

Under the best of circumstances involving the nicest of people, keeping a relationship afloat is a big challenge. Will she be able to adjust to a new way of life? And will he be able to integrate his inner beast?

Premier at 7 PM on AMC Movies Channel (ch 185) from Thursday, 24 December

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse