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Beauty Queen Murders (S2)

As with just about all real crime shows, this one follows the same formula: Interviews with family members and people involved with the case while actors dramatize what happened in real life.

What makes this show different isn’t just that their focus is on the victims, but also in the way it tells its stories. Instead of a broody man explaining what went wrong you have an upbeat woman explaining the details in the way an E! presenter talks about the newest heart-throb in the latest fashion. There’s an eerie cheerfulness to the whole thing, which makes it captivating to watch. Even the camera work is more reminiscent of Sex in the City than Making a Murderer. The production in this series makes sure that it stands true to its theme.

If you’re a fan of true-crime shows but you’re looking for something just as shocking but with a sense of flair, this is the show you want to watch.

20 April | Saturdays | 21:00 | Real Time | Ch 162