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Beep Beep

Three best friends, Trucky, Voom Vam and Roady, go on daily adventures together. From going to the beach and flying a kite to playing in the snow and doing arts and crafts.

Trucky is a responsible lad with a crane on his back. The top of Trucky’s crane can be swopped out for all manner of things he can use in his adventures. A claw lets him grab stuff, a magnet to pick up screws, and a paintbrush to make a mess.

Voom Vam is young and adventurous. When she’s decided to have fun, nothing can stop her! This happy-go-lucky search of adventure gets her into lots of trouble, however. Luckily her friends are there to help her out.

Roady is their worrywart friend. He’s always with them, being the actual road they drive on and can be trusted to stop them from getting too out of hand. A team of adventurers always needs a cautious protector.

This series is a fun show for young kids. It’s aimed to teach them a thing or two with engaging characters whilst inspiring them to go outside and play.

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Also at 10:17 AM, 1:17 PM, 4:17 PM, & 5:44 PM every day.

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse