Beijing Love Story on ST Sino Drama on StarSat

Beijing Love Story

Love is complicated. Even if you and I both fell in love with the same person, the ‘love’ we would feel would be very different. Every person is unique so what you might find appealing I might find annoying, and vice versa. It’s for this reason that couples each have their own dynamic and their own types of love.

Beijing Love Story is the story of multiple couples who each have to deal with the curveballs of life while trying to maintain the different forms of love which have kept them together: One is a young puppy romance, ignorant and sweet; one is lustful and passionate, full of desire and ecstasy; one is a love forged through loyalty, steadfast through the throws of difficulties and dissatisfaction; and one is a love fostered over decades, unbound by time that even death itself cannot extinguish. This film is for those who enjoy multiple story arcs and have a love for romance in all its forms.

Friday @ 21:30 (19th of July) on ST Sino Drama (ch 130)