AMC Original Productions - Blatant Denial on AMC Series on StarSat

Blatant Denial

This Sunday’s feature production is a story of a routine police inspection that goes horribly wrong. Inspector Farouk and Deputy Akpan manage to avoid the chains of justice, but avoiding the long arm of the law doesn’t mean you’ve gotten off scot-free, for karma will find a way to punish wrongdoing one way or another. Starring Sam Sunny, Chinelo Ejianwu, Seun Kentebe and Bukky Ogunmote. Blatand Denial is an AMC Original Production.

Sunday at 23:00 on AMC Series (ch 184, September 8th)

AMC Original Productions

With so many years behind them showcasing some of the best in home-grown African entertainment the AMC studios will be putting all that experience to good use by producing their very own original movies. Every Sunday you’ll get to experience African movies made my Africans that will thrill, excite and move you.

Sundays at 23:00 on AMC Series (ch 184)