Blood Ties

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Memories are funny things.

Marta is a kind and worldly woman who works as a waiter at a local restaurant. She doesn’t much like her current circumstances because she’s been living in relative poverty for her whole life and can’t see a way out. Her mother sells flowers for a living and her father is a truck driver and almost never home. Her brother, the handsome John, is a doctor who cares more about his humanitarian work than for his career and has just met the woman of his dreams named Agnes.

Like most of us, Marta had no recollection of her life when she was a young child, so it didn’t really have any impact on her growing up. That is until the day a flood of memories came back which she had repressed since childhood that shattered her entire world. Everything was a lie. Her so-called mother wasn’t her biological mother, but instead adopted her when she was found roaming a forest in delirium. Even her name wasn’t hers, for “Marta” was the name of her adopted mother’s deceased daughter who was around the same age when she was found.

As for why she was roaming a forest all on her own at the age of 5, she and her sister fell into a river and Marta washed ashore several miles downriver. Her sister was none other than Agnes, the woman that her (now step-brother) John has fallen in love with! What’s worse, Agnes was rescued from the river by their father, but in his attempt to save Marta he drowned.

Marta holds her sister Agnes responsible for her father’s death and sees her as the reason why she had to struggle through life in a poor family while her sister got to live a good life with their biological mother. She’s made it her life mission to make Agnes’ life as difficult as possible.

Agnes, for her part, is blissfully unaware that her boyfriend’s sister is actually her real sister who didn’t die as everyone believed. Having grown up in relative comfort has rendered her incredibly naïve, a fact that Marta intends to abuse. Will Agnes’ pure heart be enough to overcome her sister’s treachery or will Marta achieve her sinister ambitions to make Agnes’ life a living hell?

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