Boonie Bears: The Adventurers (S2)

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Boonie Bears: The Adventurers (S2)

It’s a beautiful day in the forest. The birds are singing, the fish are jumping, and a moose is carrying baskets of flowers through a field.

Suddenly, the earth trembles, but this is not a simple earthquake. In his secret layer, an evil genius is using his latest invention: the core extractor, to extract the magical power of the mountain and keep it to himself.

Removing this power has consequences, for the lands need it to be stable. Without it, the earth will cave in, volcanoes will erupt, and Pine Tree Mountain will crumble.

The only way to save the mountain and all who call it home is to find the magical creature Nabi before the bad guys do. Nabi has the power to restore the balance and save the mountain but must reach the most magical place in the land. Now it’s up to the Boonie Bears, Logger Vick and Carly to find the Nabi and help it reach Crystal Peak.

They must navigate thundering river-rapids and powerful storms and explore crumbling ice caverns and weird colourful caves. There is danger around every corner, and they must count on each other and the lessons they learn to get out in once piece and save the day.

Mondays to Fridays at 05:00 PM on ST Kids (ch 300) from Monday, 14 December