Boonie Bears on ST Kids on StarSat

Boonie Bears

Follow two bears, Briar and Bramble, as they protect the forest’s trees from Logger Vick. There’s a host of whacky characters who help the bears in their quest to prevent Mr Vick from collecting a pay-check. It’s a simple premise, but that’s what allows it to be so out-there. As far as animation and voice acting goes this show gets a strong 8/10 on the annoyance scale, but that’s most shows made for young kids to be fair. Every episode is 13 minutes long so it’ll be over soon enough.

The show’s popularity must mean they’re doing something right though. It is the most popular children’s show in China and it has over 600 episodes. It has 6 feature films and it’s even partnered with Netflix, Sony and Disney. If numbers are anything to go buy your young kids will be glued to the screen during Boonie Bears, leaving you in peace for at least a little while.

 From 10 April | Weekdays | 17:30 | ST Kids | Ch 300