Brave Woman

Brave Woman on Nina TV on StarSat

Morena (Nanda Costa) has quite the reputation in her neighbourhood: a humble, hard-working single mother who is known for her stubbornness, spontaneity and sensuality. Since giving birth as a teenager she, with the help of her mother Lucimar (Dira Paes), raised her only son Junior (Luiz Felipe Mello) in a poor outskirt of Rio de Janeiro. A strong woman of such calibre easily attracts the loving eyes of Theo (Rodrigo Lombardi), a cavalry officer who lives in the neighbourhood, who falls madly in love with her. They were soon engaged to marry.

Morena and her family have been scraping by as best they could and avoiding the ire of their landlord as much as they could. Unfortunately, it all eventually caught up with them and, facing eviction, Morena decides to take a job in Turkey for a few months in the hopes of getting to stay where they’re living at least a little while longer. Theo did not much like this idea of her moving away from him and the life they were building together. Morena isn’t the type to be told what to do so she went ahead with her plans despite Theo’s grievances. Theo, being a man with pride, ended the engagement immediately.

Unbeknownst to her, the promise of a new job was all a lie, and Morena found herself caught in a human trafficking ring, forced to work in a dreary nightclub under the thumb of the head of security Russo (Adriano Garib), who has no problem threatening the families of his underlings to keep them in line.

Morena, however, will not take this lying down so together with the other victims of the syndicate she works with Police Chief Heloísa (Giovanna Antonelli) to take down the ring. As if she didn’t have enough to deal with, the headstrong woman tries to win back the heart of Theo, presumably because she realised he was right about all this business.

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