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Bullet Raja

Bullet Raja on StarLife on StarSat (mobile)

Feared gangster loses his temper

Raja Mishra is the type of man who takes what he wants and cares not for the consequences. “I have a bad habit,” he says “I dare to stand in front of the gates of Hell and sin.”

One might be forgiven for thinking that he’s a brute who just goes around haphazardly doing as he pleases, but he is a man that adapts to the situation to make sure he wins in the end. “I can be as humble as a sage, as cunning as a strategist, and as menacing as a demon” he professes.

Like many great men, however, who have a lot of power and very little punishment, Raja’s got a temper that makes him very dangerous for everyone around him. “Don’t do anything that will insult me” he warns. “If you provoke me so that I may lose my temper: first, I will beat you to a pulp, and then I will kill you.”

With such words and the ruthless reputation to back up said words, Raja is never lacking in confidence. Once he was asked when he will arrive and he replied immediately with: “When I arrive, the temperature will rise. Everyone will feel it.”

This is an extremely fun action romp and especially enjoyable if you don’t take it too seriously. The gun-wielding motorbike rider Raja and his crazy friend are a sight to behold that you don’t want to miss out on.

Thursday at 3 p.m. on StarLife (ch 550) on December 5th