Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War

Saving the world is a messy business. Between a god of mischief’s alien invasion, an international overthrowing of government by all-powerful ideological institutions, and an artificial intelligence intent with ending the world altogether, collateral damage is to be expected.

After a mission which resulted in some more casualties, the world’s politicians decided that the Avengers were too powerful to leave unchecked. The UN writes an accord which will only allow the Avengers to act once they have been given orders or permission by the UN.

Tony Stark (Iron Man) (Robert Downey Jr.) is in support of this initiative and believes that the group should be reined in to prevent any further damage. Steve Rogers (Captain America) (Chris Evans) however disagrees and believes that relinquishing their sovereignty is a bad idea because they will end up being puppets controlled by the whims of whoever is in charge at the time.

The disagreement quickly escalates to a full-blown rivalry when things go horribly wrong at the signing of the accords, and friends become foes in a fight for what each team believes themselves to be right.

The serious themes and slow, menacing and intimate scenes are balanced well by amazing action scenes and clever banter. Despite the array of stories told and characters shown the result is a coherent and fun film that Marvel fans take great pride in.

Sunday 29th of July at 19:50 on ST Movies Plus ch 100 (Super Package)