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Car S.O.S. (S8)

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Rustbucket. Everyone knows someone who has one. A car that’s older than they are, not running as it should, falling apart at every turn, but their owners are too in love to let the scrap heap go. For your average person, this might seem like a foolish idea but those sorts of people only see cars as a form of travel from A to B. Petrolheads, as they’ve come to be known, see cars very differently. They see not only that the car goes, but how it makes you feel when you’re driving it. They don’t just see the body of a car but a sculpture on wheels. They don’t just see its age and mileage but its history and legacy. They see a car’s soul.

Unfortunately, though, cars with a lot of soul also cost a lot of money to keep in good condition. A lot of petrolheads who own classic cars can’t afford to restore their cars to their former glory. Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw think this is a tragedy, so they go looking for deserving people whose classic cars have become a little rickety.

This is where the fun part comes in: when they find someone worthy, they collaborate with the victim’s lucky winner’s family and friends to sneak the car out from under their noses and restore it without their knowledge. It all culminates in a surprise reveal that almost always makes my eyes leak.

The time between stealing getting the car and giving it back in prime condition is a rollercoaster ride of unexpected complications and problems need to be dealt with very quickly and you’ll be along for all the ups and downs. Some of the cars featured in this season include a 1990s Japanese supercar, an iconic German sports coupe and even a very rare British rally winner.

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