Caribbean Flower

Caribbean Flower on Nina TV on StarSat

In the picturesque beach town, Vila dos Ventos Ester (Grazi Massafera) has a good life. She’s married to the handsome and wealthy Alberto (Igor Rickli) who just some years ago took over the family Albuquerque Conglomerate at the behest of his grandfather Dionísio (Sérgio Mamberti). Alberto is a childhood friend and married her even though she was expecting the son of another man. He became a good father to the boy, Samuca, and later Ester and Alberto had a baby girl together named Laurinha.

Ester is happy with her life and grateful for her good fortunes, especially after her childhood sweetheart and father to her son Cassiano (Henri Castelli) disappeared suddenly, and is presumed dead. Cassiano was a pilot on contract work delivering diamonds to Dom Rafael (César Troncoso) in the hopes of using the money to help sort out a labour dispute in the local salt works where his father works. The diamonds turned out to be fake, which angered the violent gem dealer Dom Rafael. Cassiano has not been seen since and his body was never found.

What Ester doesn’t yet know, however, is that Cassiano isn’t dead. Dom Rafael decided that Cassiano would make a better prisoner than a corpse, and so Cassiano spent all those years locked away. Cassiano never gave up hope though, and with the help of a woman he met during his capture, escaped the clutches of Dom Rafael in a daring escape. Now Cassiano wants his woman back, and revenge for the years he lost.

You see, the one who hired Cassiano for the job and the subsequent set-up was none other than Alberto. His daring scheme to get Cassiano out of the picture and make Ester fall in love with him worked. Will Cassiano be able to expose the treachery of his former friend and win back Ester’s heart? Tune in to find out!

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