Cesar Millan: Love My Pit Bull

Cessar Millan Love My Pit Bull on National Geographic Wild on StarSat

Pit Bulls have a harsh reputation. So harsh in fact, that they’ve been banned in 12 countries including New Zealand, Brazil, Canada and France. They are believed to be the most dangerous dog breed in the world because of how much media attention their attacks on people receive. Many dog training competitions don’t allow pit bulls to participate and some countries only allow you to purchase one if they’ve been neutered.

Pit Bulls and similar breeds are very intelligent, so they require adequate training and a lot of attention. If they aren’t trained properly or abused by their owners, they can turn violent, and because of their size, once they attack a person, it’s nearly impossible to get them to disengage with their targets. Even if you do manage to pull a pit bull away from its victim, you’ll most likely walk away with grievous injuries.

Luckily, more and more people are starting to realise that these cases have one thing in common: bad owners. Cesar Milan, the world-renowned Dog Whisperer, shares this sentiment. His co-star and best friend Daddy, has taught him that Pit Bulls and other “bully breeds” aren’t inherently aggressive monsters, and with the right training, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better companion.

Sunday at 6 PM on National Geographic Wild (ch 221, May 17th)