China's Greatest Treasures - Family and Ancestors

China’s Greatest Treasures: Family and Ancestors

China is a really, really big place, and with the Chinese culture is widely believed as being very, very old, there is a lot of treasures that have existed through the ages. In this series, art critic Alastair Sooke shows us some of the most magnificent and influential treasures that have played a big role in modern Chinese culture.

Family is one of the most important and valued aspects of Chinese life. Alastair travels through multiple cities and towns in China, from places like the metropolis of Shanghai to the remote village of Baogai. Throughout his journey, we get to see a treasure-trove of ancient art that celebrates and was inspired by family life.

Saturday at 17:50 on BBC World News (ch 256 on the 5th of October)

Other Times: Saturday at 04:10 & 17:50 and Sunday at 11:10 & 23:10 (5th & 6th of October)