Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth

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Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth

The trouble with dietary science (studies aimed at healthy eating) is that it’s so new. It’s difficult to trust something that seems to change at a whim. For a time people were told not to eat eggs because of their high cholesterol content, but now they’re considered the “perfect protein” because they found out that you get good and bad cholesterol. People were told to cut off the fat in their meat and to only eat ‘lean’ meats, but now we know that animal fat isn’t bad for you and that some of the healthiest people on the planet live on a diet of meat that is mostly made up of fat.

As foods shift between being good and bad for you so too does the hype of diets rise and fall. Depending on who ask they’ll swear that the low-carb keto diet is the way to go. Someone else would swear that the best diet to follow is vegan, whereas others literally only eat steak and they’re healthier now than they’ve ever been.

The “clean eating” movement is one such diet whose wonders are proclaimed by all those that stick with it. Dr Giles Yeo is not so sure. He’s concerned that this clean/dirty framework to view food through may actually be doing more harm than good. Join him as he separates good scientific theory from popular opinion driven by pseudo-science fiction.

Sunday, 30 August, at 10 PM on DaVinci (ch 308) once-off special.