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Click is about a workaholic who has been busting his nickers for years trying to make a success of himself. He has a wife and multiple children who he barely gets along with, which makes his life a lot more difficult to deal with.

One day his stumbles upon a way to make his life a hell of a lot more enjoyable and fun, a universal remote. Partly a play on words and accurate description, this remote actually controls the universe. When he hits pause, everything around him freezes in time, allowing him free movement. If he has boring stuff to do he can just fast forward past it. Screwed up an important meeting? Just rewind and try it again. Of course, as life does, not everything goes according to plan, and things go wrong in a variety of hilarious ways down the line.

Adam Sandler comedy is a certain kind of comedy. If you like slapstick and silly gags you’re in for one hell of a ride with this one. It also manages to sneak in a few wholesome life lessons in there from time to time.

27 April | Saturday | 19:50 | ST Movies Plus | Ch 100