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Depressed pensioner makes friends

Losing a child to death is incredibly traumatic. Tariq, a successful neurosurgeon who’s living a good life, is told one day that his son has died. Everything changed from that moment on. Their only child is gone and everything has lost its meaning.

Tariq and his wife moved to Mumbai to get away from the town that reminded them of their son at every turn, but this did not do much to lessen their anguish. Tariq became completely disillusioned with life and fell into a depressive state. Day after day he mourned and there seemed to be nothing that could get him past this horrible event.

One day, however, the couple gets a knock on the door. Manu, a man very well known in the neighbourhood, comes to greet his new neighbours, and invites Tariq to come to visit his club for seniors, Club 60. The club has two simple rules: Forget your troubles and celebrate life! Will this newfound group of misfits with their Hakuna Matata mind-set be able to get Tariq out of his stupor or will their antics drive him to withdraw even further?

Wednesday at 3 p.m. on StarLife (ch 550) on December 11th