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Cooking California Style

The “Sunshine State” California is known for its great weather, beautiful beaches and woodlands. It even boasts its own desert. Besides its natural beauty, it’s also known for its wine, producing more in the single state than the whole of Australia. With good wine, it’s only natural that there would be good food, and California, thanks to its diverse population, is home to a huge variety of original recipes using delicious local ingredients.

Jack Smiler and Max Bobritsky are Californian chefs who own their own restraint and catering business. Together, the two showcase the scrumptious tastes that California has to offer in their fun and humorous fashion. They also invite experts on every now and then to share their expertise in everything from oils to deserts and wines.

Weekdays @ 17:00 (from 18th of July) on ST Rise (ch 120)