Crown of Tears

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Crown of Tears

The life of a single mother is a difficult one.  After being forced to move out of her home with three children in tow and no husband to help her, Refugio eventually finds a place to stay in a low-income Mexico City neighbourhood provided by a woman named Julieta.

Their story commences 18 years after their move to Mexico City. Refugio has a modest job and struggles to deal with her untreated vision problems but can’t afford to stop working:  Two of her sons are studying further whilst one has decided to get a job straight after high-school to help cover the family’s expenses.  They live a humble but relatively happy life.

Ignacio is the man of the house, working at a repair shop so that his brothers can further their education. Patricio is studying law and is sweet on a girl named Lucero, Julieta’s daughter.  Edmundo is studying medicine and is a gifted, albeit lazy student.  Her sons have a bright future ahead of them and all seems to be well.

That is until the day Olga Ancira entered the scene. Immediately engrossed by her wealth and beauty, Patricio dumps Lucero so that he may capture Olga’s heart.  Olga isn’t one to date people of a lower class so in an attempt to keep her Patricio rejects his family and builds an illusion of wealth on the basis of lies.

Patricio’s unscrupulous pursuit of wealth leads the family into a downward spiral that can only be escaped if Patricio learns to value family and principles over money; or if Refugio, Edmundo and Ignacio completely sever their ties with him.  Will their family be ruined or torn apart, or will Patricio turn over a new leaf for the sake of his family?

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