Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!

Curious George 2 - Follow That Monkey! on JimJam on StarSat

The local museum has an open position and Ted really feels like he’s the man for the job. Mr Bloomsberry wants to give the job to Ted but isn’t allowed to until the board of directors approves it. Ted is given the task to present his ideas on how to run the museum in a presentation scheduled a week from now, so Ted gets cracking on the project.

Being so absorbed in his work, Ted begins to pay very little attention to his loved ones, and after Maggie brings his attention to it Ted decides to take a break. George has been asking to go to the local magic performance he read about in the paper, so Ted decides to take him.

George, for his part, is very happy that he can finally meet Kayla, the young elephant who, at least according to George, is the star of the show. During the night’s show, the magician Piccadilly does a disappearing act: one moment Kayla is there, and the next she’s gone!

George is startled and decides to find the missing Kayla back-stage. He finds her and the two become playmates immediately. During their antics, they come across the theatre’s exit and decide to leave. Ted tries to find them and the cross-country adventure begins.

Saturday at 12:09 on JimJam (ch 303, May 9th)