Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle

Curious George 3 Back to the Jungle on JimJam on StarSat o2

George has passed the big test and is finally declared space ready! He’s been wishing to go to space for a very long time and now he finally has the chance.

The day comes and George puts on his spacesuit, walks to the rocket-ship, straps into the cockpit and awaits the countdown.


George hurtles into space on his newest grand adventure. But oh no! Something goes wrong and George has to crash land! He ejects from the rocket and floats down back to earth. Where did George end up? Deep within an African jungle!

Watch as George makes brand new friends in the jungle and has a lot of fun doing it, while the man in the yellow hat tries his best to make sure he’s safe and sound.

Sunday at 12:09 on JimJam (ch 303, May 10th)