Curious George: Halloween Boo Fest

Curious George Halloween Boo Fest on JimJam on StarSat

Halloween is a fun time filled with spooky décor and stories. Curious George is very excited to be participating in the festive activities of pumpkin carving and costume making. He was most excited about the Annual Boo Festival in town. That is until Bill told George and Allie about the Legend of No Noggin. Now they can’t think of anything else!

The Legend of No Noggin is the tale of the creepy scarecrow that haunts the countryside, kicking every hat he comes across. George and Allie become more curious than cautious and vow that they will spend their Halloween finding out whether No Noggin is a tall tale or a true menace.

Saturday at 12:09 on JimJam (ch 303, May 9th)