Curious George: Swings Into Spring

Curious George Swings Into Spring on JimJam on StarSat

Spring is such a wonderful time of year. The cold and dreary winter has ended, replaced instead with colour and warmth and smiles all around. Why then is Hundley so down in the dumps? What is there not to love about springtime?

George can’t possibly let this be. He’ll make Hundley see why spring is the season of joy. Together they explore the colourful countryside and George does his best to show Hundley all that makes spring a special time of year. From fragrant flowers and baby animals to canoe rides and grassy planes, beauty is abundant and happiness abound.

Where did Hundley go? He vanished when George wasn’t looking. Oh, there he is, around the hot air balloons. Oh no! Hundley and George are in the hot air balloon and it came loose! An adventure awaits high in the sky. Will The Man in the Yellow Hat and George be able to save the day?

Saturday at 12:09 on JimJam (ch 303, May 23rd)