Da Vinci Career Day

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Da Vinci Career Day

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a bit of an unfair question to pose to a child, considering that most adults don’t have a clue what they would most like to do. The question needs an answer, however.

The sooner a person discovers what they more-or-less would like to do, the more years they’ll have to learn about that thing, improving their chances of building a comfortable life for themselves exponentially.

Choosing a career path or a field of study can be daunting when you consider all the options. Options that keep changing as the world progresses).

A great place to start is to find out how they most like helping people. To this end, the Da Vinci channel is showcasing its Da Vinci Career Day stunt in the hopes that its viewers discover something that sparks their interests and makes their future path a little easier.

Is your child an entertainer? Do they like watching TV and looking at pictures on Instagram? Snapshots give featured photographers fun challenges to test their skills and could inspire your child to pick up a camera. They could develop an eye for good design and decide to become an interior designer, like the one featured in When I Grow Up.

Does your child enjoy cooking food and making deserts? Gastroblast will teach them to make macaroni-and-cheese and strawberry cheesecake. Do they love ice cream and chocolate so much they’d like to make it one day? When I Grow up has two episodes dedicated to that.

Does your child enjoy playing the hero, saving the day and helping people? Operation Ouch! has doctors competing to win a prize and teaches children how vaccines work. When I Grow Up follows firefighters battle flames, physiotherapists helping people recover from injuries, and veterinarians save the lives of family pets.

Does your child look at the clouds and play with the wind, spending time outside when the weather permits? Perhaps they could become a meteorologist as featured in When I Grow Up, helping others know when it is safe to play outdoors.

Is your kid techy? Doing things with their phones that you would never be able to do. Helping you change settings you couldn’t find on your own? When I Grow Up has a line-up of many jobs in tech that would fascinate like-minded children. Discover the jobs of motion capture managers, air traffic technologists, robotic engineers, space technicians, and AI computer scientists.

Is your kid hard-headed? Do they persist despite failures and come up with their solutions to problems? Becoming an entrepreneur may be the answer. Teenage Boss follows young business owners Ula and Mitchell using their skills to find solutions that also support their families.

Even if your child does not discover their passion watching the Da Vinci Career Day, they will at least know what they don’t want to do, potentially cutting years of wasted study. Make their future lives easier by encouraging them to watch this great stunt.

Here is a list of the shows on the day for your convenience:

13:50SnapshotsWorld Up Close
14:15SnapshotsCatch Me in Action
14:40SnapshotsComic Book
15:05GastroblastMacaroni and Cheese
15:15GastroblastStrawberry Shortcake
15:30When I Grow UpMotion Capture Manager
15:40When I Grow UpIce Cream Maker
15:55When I Grow UpChocolate Maker
16:05When I Grow UpVeterinarian
16:20When I Grow UpMeteorologist
16:30When I Grow UpInterior Designer
16:45When I Grow UpPhysiotherapist
16:55When I Grow UpAir Traffic Technologist
17:10When I Grow UpRobotics Engineer
17:20When I Grow UpSpace Technician
17:35When I Grow UpAI Computer Scientist
17:45When I Grow UpFire Fighter
18:00Operation Ouch!Doctors Face Off!
18:30Operation Ouch!What Are Vaccinations For?
19:00Teenage Boss


19:30Teenage BossMitchell

Tuesday, 1 June, from 1:50 PM to 8 PM on Da Vinci (ch 308) once-off special

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse