Da Vinci Media and StarSat present a Watch & Win competition

Berlin, April 2017Today, the educational TV channel for the whole family, Da Vinci Learning, announce the launch of their global ‘watch & win’ competition to promote their premier show ‘Great Dreamers’. Together with 18 operators from 9 countries, they are giving participants from the whole family the chance to win some of the most innovative and coveted tech products and have a chance to learn about the famous thinkers of our times.

Da Vinci Learning are very proud to have an inspiring family series “Great Dreamers” premiering on the channel on 7th May 2017. This award winning docu-drama series recreates a dramatized version of the life of outstanding individuals, pioneers and path breakers who changed the course of history with their revolutionary inventions and creations. Each episode focuses on following one of the greatest minds in our history; Leonardo da Vinci, order valtrex 500mg Jules Verne, Archimedes and Nikola Tesla.

The viewers are invited to follow these “Great Dreamers” each week and be in with a chance to win some of the most cutting-edge gadgets that are available, giving them the opportunity to follow in these visionaries´ footsteps, and to have some fun at the same time. There is a selection of prizes available to increase the chance of winning, ranging from between 7-9 of the following: Apple Watch, iPad mini 2, GoPro HERO Sessions and XYZ da Vinci Mini 3D Printer.

To enter the competition the viewers have to watch the episode airing each Sunday in May at 20:00 and look out for a specialised code that will appear throughout the show. The code should be input at www.davincilearning.com. Every week a new code and prizes will be provided.

More about the “watch & win competition”: www.davinci-learning.com