Da Vinci Media launches a brand refresh for 2018

Celebrating over ten years on air, today Da Vinci Media launches a refreshed visual brand identity to customers which is clean, modern and fun.

The educational channel for the whole family, Da Vinci Learning, is divided up on-air into Kids & Family and Adults (8pm+) programming. The brand refresh focuses on the updated Kids & Family block initially with new branding for their evening Adults block to be rolled out later in 2018. The channel has changed its name to ‘Da Vinci Kids’ during the day and has updated its logo, on- and off-air look and feel, colours and font. This new branding will be extended to their website, social media platforms, on-air (before 8pm), and in their new app, ‘Da Vinci Kids App’, which is also launching in 2018 across selected markets.

An integral reason for updating their brand was to create a stronger appeal to children and parents. The new ‘Da Vinci Kids’ name provides better understanding on what the channel offers and when the viewer can tune in to catch their favourite shows. They have also devised a new claim, ‘be amazed every day’, which reveals to the viewer ordinary day-to-day objects as something unexpected. Designed to take you on a journey which showcases that what you see, isn’t necessarily what you get. They play with gravity, physics and mass, to twist, distort, squeeze and reshape these normal things; and give them abnormal behaviour.

“We believe that learning can be a fun, playful and meaningful experience. We have approached this brand refresh with the ultimate goal to delight and engage our younger audience, while connecting them to important educational content“…said Ferdinand Habsburg, MD of Da Vinci Media. “We want the next generation to grow up finding inspiration from everywhere, to chase their curiosity and to awaken their inner explorer. We’re thrilled to introduce a revitalised visual brand identity that reflects this.”

About Da Vinci Media:

A Berlin-based media company that offers Da Vinci Kids (as TV channel and VOD app) with hours of handpicked educational entertainment available 24/7, and Da Vinci Learning (as TV channel) with award-winning science documentaries that parents and adults can enjoy in the evening.

Available in over 90 territories in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa and Asia and broadcast in 18 languages. Founded in 2007, today Da Vinci reaches more than 30 million homes with fresh and stimulating content from around the globe combining fun and knowledge for curious kids and adults.

With 2500+ videos that can be safely viewed anytime of the day, Da Vinci inspires the audience to make their life bigger and more extraordinary. The channel turns complex knowledge topics into enthralling and entertaining adventures of the mind, using creative visualisation techniques and integrating a meaningful educational takeout. Showing programmes which are smart, experiential, thought provoking, trustworthy and enriching. Creating an environment for families to share their adventures in learning together.