Da Vinci Sports Day

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Da Vinci Sports Day

Due to the terrible virus, the Olympic Games were rescheduled for the first time in history. To celebrate the return of Tokyo 2020, Da Vinci is dedicating a whole afternoon to learning about the Olympic Games and the sports they play.

Odd Squat – O Games part 1 & 2 (4:45 & 4:55 PM)
The winner gets to be Ms O for the day. Who of the Odd Squat will win the Olympic Style challenges?

That’s Cool – Why does your heart beat faster when you do sports? (5:05 PM)
Our hearts are very good at minding their own business, beating away so casually we rarely take notice. Why then does it get so active when we’re doing sports?

When I Grow Up – Sports Statistician (5:10 PM)
Ever wonder who keeps score during sports matches? Find out what other roles sports statisticians play.

World Ahoy – The Olympic Games (5:20 PM)
What exactly are the Olympic Games?

Did I Mention Invention? – Ski Jump Slip n Slide (5:25 PM)
Ski jumps are when people on skis go down a steep slope super fast, trying to fly as far as possible at the end. How do they make those giant slip n slides?

Matilda and the Ramsey Bunch – The US Sportsday, The Number One Sport, & The Coolest Sport in LA (5:45, 6, & 6:15 PM)
Sports are tiring. Let the Ramseys show you delicious recipes to help keep your energy up.

Horrible Histories – Outrageous Olympics, Strange Sports and Roman Emperors, & The Horrible Histories Sports Special (6:35, 7:05, & 7:35 PM)
Today, we go through great pains to make sports as safe as possible. Men of the past weren’t as careful. Bone-crunching action and ridiculous sports in history await.

Xploration Awesome Planet – Sports & The Environment (8:05 PM)
Everything we do has an influence on the environment. Sports are no exception.

Did You Know? – The Incredible Impact of Sport (8:30 PM)
The impacts of sport aren’t limited to the players on the field.

Catch Da Vinci Sports Day this Saturday, 24 July from 4:45 PM on Da Vinci (ch 308)
From Saturday, 24 July

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse