Darwin and Newts

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Darwin and Newts

Darwin and Newts have been inseparable since birth. Every day, the brother-and-sister duo explore the great outdoors to discover the secrets the natural world holds.

Darwin is the clever one. He’s very observant, paying attention to everything happening around him. You can learn a lot by watching. When he sees something interesting, he tries to learn from it and does experiments at home to understand them. Experiments that you can do at home too!

Newts is good with her hands. From DIY drum sets to water slides for frogs, if anything needs building, she’s the one to ask. Her engineering skills and understanding of physics allows her to construct all manner of things. All from stuff that you can find in your back yard. Can you build like her too?

Together, they explore the natural wonders of the world. Luckily, they don’t have to do it alone, for they have friends who join them on their quests for knowledge.

Wapati has giant horns and giant intellect. This wise old deer shares his wisdom readily with the intrepid explorers.

Their next-door neighbour Heni is never too far from the action. Along for the ride is her cheeky parrot Kea.

Dropping in from time to time are best friends Burpee the grumpy frog and cutie-pie Croakette.

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Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse