Dawn of the Croods

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Dawn of the Croods

Before the events of The Croods in which they had to survive the end of the world, the Crood family were having all sorts of adventures together with all sorts of fun characters and creatures. Being cave dwellers and having a dad whose catchphrase is “different is always terrible” means that the Croods don’t get out much, but having to go to school means the whole family is forced to experience all the neat (and terrifying) stuff the world has to offer. From fun new hobbies and experiences to new foods and creatures, every day they’re discovering something amazing (and scary).

The world might be brand new and different but the Croods are still the lovable bunch we know and love. Eep is still the strong-willed and strong muscled girl who wants to try everything. Thunk is still a kind-hearted knuckle-head. Ugga is still the caring mother, Grug still his overprotective self, Sandy is still trying to eat everything and Gran is still her cheeky self.

The Croods fight all the time but, just like any good family, they stick together no matter what. Come see them deal with this brand new world like fish out of water. Eep and Thunk have to deal with fitting in with kids far more refined (and weak) than they will ever be, Grug and Ugga have to learn to be good parents in a changing world, and Gran and Sandy don’t give a hoot about any of this.

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